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Stolen Demotivational Posters

I have been told that imitation is the best form of flattery. But when you take something (Like Demotivate Us did) and call it your own, you’re a douche bag.

I love to see my demotivational posters being linked or displayed on other sites, it makes me feel like someone out there really likes the crap I have come up with. Or there are people out there that are as mentally retarded as I am and are not afraid to show it. But these people always give the credit to the creator of the work they are displaying, as a sign of respect.

Even those dumb ass SPAM sites that always have their post start off with, “Frog Anus wrote and interesting post today…” And then display your post on their Britney Spears web site because you used the tag Britney Spears, even though your post is on anal warts and the fun you can have with them. But at least at  the end of the post they always have a link for you to click on to take you to the original site the work was done at.

But the scum bags at  Demotivate Us have decided that they are going to take the hard work of others and call it their own. This bleeding sphincter of a web page is taking other peoples demotivational posters, slapping their label on them and calling it their own. Then they slap advertisement all over their site and make money off of other peoples work.

Good job guys, way to go. Why have any talent, when you can steal it from others.

This abortion of a site has taken five of my posters, (That I know of) but they have several more of other peoples. Below you can see a screen shot of one of my posters being prominently displayed as a creation of their own work.

Below that you can see the comment I left them about said work. At least they were honest (Stupid) enough to post it.

So I have decided to create a few new demotivational posters for Demotivate Us to steal, errrrrrrrrrrr I mean acquire errrrrrrrrrrrrrr I mean borrow  errrrrrrrrrrrr I mean come up with themselves.



Saturday Demotivator

I’m board…

So Here are a few really crappy demotivational posters I came up with.

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