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Demotivational Posters Volume #8 – “I HATE SOCCER!!!”

Let me make this perfectly clear….. I HATE SOCCER!!!

There is absolutely nothing whatsoever that interests me about this sport .

I wrote a post some time back about American Football and how great it is. In this post I made a few quick comments about soccer and its fans and how I felt about this grab ass sport. I received several comments from menstruating soccer fans about what a great sport soccer was and all the positive things that come along with it, like…

Urine Bombs


Ummmmmmmm… Well I guess urine bombs and riots pretty much sums it up.

What most of the soccer fans tried to get past me was that I really didn’t hate soccer… I just didn’t understand it. Well soccer fan let me get this through to you… YES I DO! I understand that it is one of the most God-awful boring ass sports on the planet.

If I was forced to choose between prison rape or soccer… I’d …… Well…… Hmmmmmm….. Well I’d ….. Geesh , I guess I would have to…… I’m sure I could just watch a little bit of soc……… Would I have to kiss the prisoner?

Now just in case some of you out there are still not clear on my true feelings about soccer. I have come up with some motivational posters directed solely towards your sport.


Click on each poster for a better look.


Demotivational Posters Volume #1

The crew at Hot Lard has made a great discovery. We found a motivational poster generator on the internet. You know the ones I’m talking about, they say “Teamwork” and then go on to say something inspirational about working with others. Of course that would never work here due to certain criminal records and restraining orders we have out on one another.

Well any-who, we decided that we should take this generator and put it to good use. So Butwheaty and myself have come up with several inspirational posters we are just giving away to our adoring audience. In hopes they will help you strive to become a better……. ummmmmm….. stalkers or porno theater cashier or whatever.


Click on each poster for a better look.

Above are not Japanese kids; rather Indonesian school kids (or so a commenter below informs).  This begs a question … how is it this photo got taken in the first place?  Is this a special school over there?  Did the teacher take it?  Are the two girls really lesbians?  Why are all the douches not starring and masturbating?

– Ervin

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